Well, to be honest, no one has asked me any questions yet, so I'm going to have to make them up. Granted, this works better when you don't tell your readers that's what you're doing, but you guys are smart and would have figured it out anyway.

Q: Whatcha doin?

A: Oh, you know. The usual. Sitting at my computer, writing a fake blog post. You?

Q: Are you a real writer?

A: Come here please, I'm going to BITE YOUR FACE OFF HOW DARE YOU OF COURSE I AM. Oh, you mean have I published? The answer to that one is, technically, along the lines of "lolno", but you know there's a big difference between those two questions, right? Right? Don't mix them up. It's rude.

Q: What's your favourite food?

A: That would be coffee. Yes, coffee is a food. In my world, coffee is the food, the only food that matters. Also cheesecake.

Q: Carly, why are you so awesome?

A: Well now, that one's complicated. You see, it has about 90% to do with my personality, 90% to do with my stunning good looks, 90% to do with my above-average intellect and superior tastes, 75% to do with my modesty, and 30% to do with my math skills. Oh, and, let's round that off to an even number: it also has an estimated 97.32% to do with you, my future readers and friends, and your lovely influences and inspirations that you give me without asking for anything in return. It has a lot to do with that.

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